Change can be difficult and a little scary
It doesn't have to be!

Healthy does not mean perfection! It does not mean cooking every meal from scratch, running 5 miles a day or never eating a piece of chocolate. Healthy is a state of physical and mental well-being. It’s feeling good in your skin, having more energy and reducing your risk of disease. IT’S A LIFESTYLE!

Whether you are interested in weight management, have a medical concern, a recently diagnosed food intolerance or just want to have more energy, we will personalize a wellness plan together that focuses on YOUR needs, YOUR goals, and YOUR readiness to change.

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“This was achieved in a sustainable fashion…without feeling deprived…” “As a physician with diabetes, I attempted for several years to control my blood sugars with the use of prescribed medications and my own understanding of what constitutes a healthy diabetic diet. However, this strategy did not result in adequate control of my diabetes. That is when I looked for professional help from a dietician and am very fortunate to have consulted with Kim.

In a matter of a few months, following Kim’s advice, I was able to reduce not only my blood sugars to the desired levels but also my medications. This was achieved in a sustainable fashion by a process of selective elimination of foods with high glycemic content and substitution with healthier foods without feeling deprived of caloric intake. There was a seamless transition from my old eating habits to the new ones and I have kept up with the changes effortlessly for over one year already.

“Kim was patient and willing to work within my own limitations given my hectic work schedule as a doctor and limited time to pay enough attention to my diet. I wish I had consulted Kim 10 years ago!” – MJ

“Our consults are friendly and laid back, but the results are real and lasting!” “As a mom of two I struggled immensely to maintain a healthy diet and to lose that unwanted “baby weight” that lingered on for years. Finding sustainable, healthy eating habits was important to me but I didn’t know how to achieve that.

When I consulted with Kim, she was very empathetic and made me feel at ease and confident that we could find a balance that would work for me. With small, consistent changes, Kim transitioned me into a much healthier but also sustainable lifestyle that not only allowed me to get back to my pre-baby body but most importantly, gave me the ability to have all the energy I need to make life work for my family! Gone are the mid-afternoon slumps and “hangry mommy”!

Without feeling deprived at all, we have completely revamped our family’s eating habits. I always knew there was no magic pill to achieve this, but what I didn’t realize was the amazing difference Kim’s knowledge, compassion, and friendly monitoring would make, and how easy it would feel! Our consults are friendly and laid back, but the results are real and lasting!” – VJ

“Kim’s compassion and knowledge of both nutrition and the body’s physiology are a perfect combination. She has helped me immensely with my personal nutrition & fitness goals!” – SW

“…thank you for instilling healthy eating habits in my daughter.”
“I wanted to thank you for instilling healthy eating habits in my daughter. She just started kindergarten and when I ask her what she wants for lunch, her usual request is a salad with grilled chicken and hard-boiled egg. She also asks for fruit and veggies as her snack. Thank you again!” – MR

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Ever finish a meal and feel like you are still hungry, unsatisfied or craving something else?


Are you worried that thoughts of food are consuming you?


If you are distracted while eating, worried about what you are eating or angry at yourself for eating, you are missing a key ingredient – SATISFACTION!


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