Simple Solutions to Fight Fatigue.

It’s Monday and to say that I am a little tired is an understatement!  In addition to taking care of my 3 darlings, I babysat 3 others under the age of 4.  It truly was a joy and the amount of snuggles and kisses I got totally made up for the extra work (I need to bottle their energy!!) but my sleep and eating patterns definitely suffered!  I am feeling bloated and sluggish. It was a good reminder, that fatigue can sabotage the best plans and that in addition to adequate sleep, what we eat and drink affects our energy levels.  Here are 3 areas to be mindful of:


Swings in our blood sugar can lead to heightened energy followed by extreme drops.  This happens when our meals and snacks are unbalanced, meaning we eat significantly more carbohydrates (especially refined or ‘white’ flours) than protein and healthy fats.  Carbohydrates digest much quicker than other macronutrients, causing a spike in blood sugar if not eaten with adequate slow-digesting protein and fat. To help control this swing and provide sustained long-lasting energy

  • Follow the MyPlate method at meals (1/2 your plate non-starchy vegetables, ¼ plate protein, ¼ plate carbs)
  • Include a protein or healthy fat in snacks. For example, don’t eat just a piece of fruit.  Have a cheese stick with it.
  • Follow hunger signals. Don’t wait until you are starving to eat!  Your blood sugar is too low by that point.


Dehydrated muscles are tired muscles.  Aim for at least half your weight in ounces of water, plus more if you sweat or are active outside.  If you feel too distracted to remember, set a reminder in your phone to drink at least 8 ounces every hour.


Some foods can have a negative impact on people, zapping energy and increasing bloat, making them feel uncomfortable and sluggish.  This is a very personal thing and can never be generalized.  Before eliminating foods or food groups, consult a Registered Dietitian or doctor.

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